WATCH THIS! NGO Newsletter #12: Civil society participation is key to make a NAMA successful, shows webinar

Scroll down for French and Spanish Carbon Market Watch launched a capacity building program on NAMAs. In this framework, a very first webinar took place in July 2015. Speakers revealed that civil society is not only a significant player in NAMA development and implementation, but also that by getting involved in the process, civil society …

WATCH THIS! NGO Newsletter #12: Recycling should be a part of Solid Waste Management NAMA

Scroll down for French and Spanish The government of India is determined to deal with issues of waste mismanagement through development of a NAMA in solid waste management. However, proposals on the table focus on harming technologies, such as incineration of waste, and neglect the option of recycling as a more promising way to reduce …

WATCH THIS! NGO Newsletter #12: Empowering youth to achieve low emission schools in Mexico

Scroll down for French and Spanish This articles presents efforts led in Mexico to create a youth empowerment platform to mitigate school´s Co2 emissions. The result was the creation of a NAMA for the school sector that was piloted in 4 states in Mexico and the creation of a model that allows this community to transform …

WATCH THIS! NGO Newsletter #12: The Green Climate Fund: About to finance its first projects and programs

Scroll down for French and Spanish The Green Climate Fund is moving closer to financing its first projects and programs. If things are done the right way it could contribute effectively to global efforts to counter climate change, but first transparency in the decision making process needs to be guaranteed. In July, the tenth meeting …


Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) are a mitigation instrument for developing countries to take part in global efforts towards a long-term sustainable strategy for cutting emissions. NAMAs exhibit a great potential as they move away from traditional offsetting and focus on developing countries’ own contribution to global mitigation and sustainable development. They provide a good opportunity for sector-wide and sub-sector policy based emission reductions.

NEWS: NAMIGMA! – Unraveling the secrets of NAMAs (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions)

For many stakeholders working on climate mitigation, the emerging concept of NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) remains an enigma. Carbon Market Watch’s upcoming webinar “What are NAMAs and how can civil society organisations benefit from them?” aims to open the door to the many unanswered questions on how NAMAs work and what is the role of public participation in order to empower civil society to contribute and gain from the process.

NEWS: New financial boost for NAMAs

Leveraging climate finance for implementing Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) has been one of the biggest challenges for NAMA developers in the past years. A new financial package up to €85 million by the NAMA Facility invites NAMA support project outlines by 15 July 2015 and beefs up existing NAMA finance to about €150 million.

News: Green Climate Fund’s decision to accredit first entities shadowed by intransparency over approval process

At the 9th Board meeting of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which concluded last week in South Korea, seven entities were approved to pass through funding proposals by mid-year. However, the decision was criticised over the lack of transparency and stakeholder input in the process. The Board also adopted rules to screen project proposals but failed to exclude funding for fossil fuels. Expectations are now on countries to sign off the remaining US$4.5 billion for the fund that has been pledged in November 2014 ahead of the 30 April deadline.