Sabine Frank, Executive Director

Sabine’s role is to ensure Carbon Market Watch adapts its purpose and activities to “the future as it emerges”. She succeeded the founding director, Eva Filzmoser, in January 2019. While concerned that the climate “changes faster than we are”, she is committed to ensuring that Carbon Market Watch plays a uniquely useful role in the political battle for the climate & humanity. Before joining Carbon Market Watch, Sabine worked for several foundations, notably the Schöpflin Stiftung as Head of Programme “Economy and Democracy”, and looked at climate protection from the perspective of trade policy (environmental costs not being factored into the benefits of trade; investor protection in Free Trade Agreements causing “regulatory chill” where climate policies are concerned …). Sabine also has many years leadership experience of NGOs at European level. She has become a committed “Bruxelloise” and cares about life in the city of Brussels becoming sustainable. She can be convinced to enjoy long-distance bike rides and is partial to dance opportunities.

Office: +32 2 335 3661


Sam Van den plas, Policy Director

As Policy Director, Sam is in charge of Carbon Market Watch’s policy strategy, positioning and advocacy outreach. Sam worked previously with WWF, and his main areas of expertise include EU climate policy, carbon markets, the EU Emissions Trading System and industrial decarbonisation. Sam is determined to make a difference in the struggle against climate breakdown – his way to describe dangerous global warming. He believes carbon pollution pricing can have an important role to play to limit the impacts, as long as the real external cost of carbon is reflected and policymakers don’t consider carbon taxation or markets to be their only silver bullet. Sam lives in Gent, where he plans to move to a sustainable cohousing project (under construction). He likes gardening and cross-country skiing whenever it snows in Belgium.

Office: +32 2 335 36 66

Agnese Ruggiero, Policy Officer

Agnese works on EU climate governance and long-term climate strategy. Before joining Carbon Market Watch, she worked as campaign manager at the International Society of Nephrology where she gained extensive experience in advocacy and awareness raising. Agnese is very passionate about policies that affect individuals and believes that everyone can make a positive contribution, no matter how small. She also enjoys travelling, running and playing tennis.

Office: +32 2 335 36 66

Gilles Dufrasne, Policy Officer – Carbon Pricing

Gilles works on international and EU climate policy, with a special focus on the carbon market negotiations at the United Nations climate talks. He studied social science at the University of Mons and economics at the University of Warwick, before completing his MSc. in environmental economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Gilles is a big tennis fan, a keen traveler, and is learning to play the guitar.

Office: +32 2 335 3668

Ludovica Serafini, Policy Trainee

Ludovica works on international and EU climate policies, focusing on climate justice and human rights. She holds a Master in Criminology from the University of Bologna (Italy) and, before joining Carbon Market Watch, she spent several months in South Africa carrying out researches on environmental crimes. Thanks to several international experiences, Ludovica became more and more confident of her career goal: to fuse her strong passion for the environmental cause with her innate curiosity for how all the human security challenges will shape the future. Ludovica loves reading, travelling, and discovering new realities.

Communications and Network

Andrew Coiley,  Communications Director

Andrew is responsible for the development and strategic coordination of Carbon Market Watch’s communications activities. He also manages the digital infrastructure for the organisation. In his role Andrew explores the ‘art of policy’ and the use of creative mediums to simplify and translate the complexities of CMW’s policy work.  He enjoys working in a variety of multimedia spaces to positively impact the world around him. Before joining the team he was involved with a sustainable housing startup, developing the project’s marketing strategies. He unwinds with a strum on his guitar and the occasional singsong.

 Kaisa Amaral, Media Manager

Kaisa is responsible for planning and implementing media strategies and developing communication materials for Carbon Market Watch’s campaigns. She is also our contact person for journalists’ enquiries. A graduate from the University of Turku, Kaisa used to work at the European Commission’s citizens’ information service and in the press service of the Permanent Representation of Finland to the European Union. Kaisa loves cycling, jogging, and reading a good book.

Office: +32 2 335 36 66

 Miriam Vicente Marcos, Communications and Outreach Officer

Miriam works on the development and implementation of Carbon Market Watch’s digital media and communication strategies. She graduated with a communications degree at the University of Murcia and holds a master in Marketing, Branding and Communications from Brighton University with a special focus on social and environmental marketing. She loves visual arts, traveling and hiking.

Office +32 2 335 36 64

Finance and Outreach

Léa Teheux, Finance Officer

Lea is in charge of Carbon Market Watch’s financial and accounting operations. Furthermore, she oversees the Human Resources elements of the organisation and the grant contract management. She graduated in Sociology and European Studies at the Free University of Brussels. She enjoys travelling, cooking, eating, and discovering new restaurants in town.

Office: +32 2 335 3661

 Elisa Martellucci, External Relations Manager

Elisa is the External Relations Manager of Carbon Market Watch, managing and developing the relations with public and private donors. Before joining the team she worked at the European Business Summit and at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) where she has been extensively involved in several EU funded research projects on employment and education. She holds a master degree in Political Science from the Free University for Social Studies (LUISS) in Rome. Elisa loves photography and French movies.

Office: +32 2 335 36 63