CMW board oversees the organisation’s strategic direction. Meeting twice a year, it comprises members representing civil society and academia who are committed to furthering fair and effective climate action. The board members are elected by the general assembly of members, which convenes once a year.


Delia Villagrasa

Delia joined the Carbon Market Watch board in October 2019. She is an expert on European and international environmental policy for more than 25 years, with a focus on climate and energy issues. Trained as an economist at the University of St. Gall, she has led the NGO association CAN-Europe,  worked for WWF on campaigns and coordination and for a progressive business association (e5) to establish a pro-climate action voice, and advised the philanthropic organization European Climate Foundation on their international programme. Delia supported the Belgian and Luxembourgish governments during their respective EU Presidencies, for the latter she was a senior advisor to help determine the EU strategy and negotiation approach towards the UNFCCC Paris Agreement. She has also been teaching EU policy-making for different stakeholders.


Jürgen Maier

Jürgen has been director of the German NGO Forum Environment & Development since 1996, a network of German NGOs established after the Rio Conference on Environment & Development in 1992 to monitor the follow-up process. The Forum nurtured Carbon Market Watch (formerly CDM Watch) as legal host from 2009 to 2012. He is also member of the coordination committees of the Trade Justice Network Germany and the campaign “My Agriculture”. Before joining the Forum, he was director of the German Asia Foundation (1993-96) and executive committee member of the German Green Party (1987-91).



Martin Porter

Martin joined the Carbon Market Watch board in October 2019. He is Executive Chair of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership (CISL). He previously worked for the European Climate Foundation, where he was Europe Group Co-ordinator and led their Industry and Innovation programme. He has a long track record of working on industry, environment and sustainability issues through public affairs consultancy activities and advocacy campaigns in Brussels. He is a pro-European of dual Belgian-British nationality and holds a doctorate from the University of Bath (UK), having written a thesis on interest representation in the EU on environmental issues.



Barbara Haya

Barbara is a Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Environmental Public Policy and at the California Institute for Energy and Environment. She has researched the outcomes of carbon offset programs for over fifteen years. Her current work at UC Berkeley, and prior to that at Stanford Law School and Union of Concerned Scientists, analyzes the design and implementation of California’s global warming law, with a focus on its carbon offset program. Barbara holds a PhD from UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group, where she studied the outcomes of the Kyoto Protocol’s offset program, the Clean Development Mechanism, including through field research in India, and worked closely with NGOs at the international climate change negotiations in support of offset program reform.



Aki Kachi

Aki Kachi is a climate policy analyst at NewClimate Institute working on carbon pricing and climate finance. With almost 10 years of experience in the climate policy field, Aki has contributed to and led a number of projects at the UNFCCC, EU, national and local levels. Particular areas of expertise include, national climate policy planning, the design and implementation of emissions trading schemes as well as baseline and crediting mechanisms such as the CDM, the California offset protocols and the Australian Carbon Farming Initiative.


Ulriikka Aarnio


Ulriikka Aarnio

With over two decades of experience working on climate policy in Brussels, Ulriikka is the senior climate policy coordinator on carbon dioxide removals and land use at the Climate Action Network Europe, where she coordinates deliberations of CAN Europe members on this vital emerging issue. Prior to that, she worked for several green MEPs at the European Parliament. Although Ulriikka joined Carbon Market Watch’s board in 2023, she has been closely involved with CMW and its work since the organisation’s earliest days. Given the rising urgency of the climate crisis, Ulriikka sees her engagement in the climate movement as a personal as well as professional mission.



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