The Carbon Market Watch board oversees the organisation’s strategic direction. Meeting twice a year, it comprises of members representing civil society and academia who are committed to furthering fair and effective climate action. The board members are elected by the general assembly of members which convenes once a year.

Delia Villagrasa, Chair


Delia joined the Carbon Market Watch board in October 2019. She is an expert on European and international environmental policy for more than 25 years, with a focus on climate and energy issues. Trained as an economist at the University of St. Gall, she has led the NGO association CAN-Europe,  worked for WWF on campaigns and coordination and for a progressive business association (e5) to establish a pro-climate action voice, and advised the philanthropic organization European Climate Foundation on their international programme. Delia supported the Belgian and Luxembourgish governments during their respective EU Presidencies, for the latter she was a senior advisor to help determine the EU strategy and negotiation approach towards the UNFCCC Paris Agreement. She has also been teaching EU policy-making for different stakeholders.

Jürgen Maier, Vice-Chair


Jürgen has been director of the German NGO Forum Environment & Development since 1996, a network of German NGOs established after the Rio Conference on Environment & Development in 1992 to monitor the follow-up process. The Forum nurtured Carbon Market Watch (formerly CDM Watch) as legal host from 2009 to 2012. He is also member of the coordination committees of the Trade Justice Network Germany and the campaign “My Agriculture”. Before joining the Forum, he was director of the German Asia Foundation (1993-96) and executive committee member of the German Green Party (1987-91).

Email: chef(at)

Martin Porter, Member


Martin joined the Carbon Market Watch board in October 2019. He is Executive Chair of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership (CISL). He previously worked for the European Climate Foundation, where he was Europe Group Co-ordinator and led their Industry and Innovation programme. He has a long track record of working on industry, environment and sustainability issues through public affairs consultancy activities and advocacy campaigns in Brussels. He is a pro-European of dual Belgian-British nationality and holds a doctorate from the University of Bath (UK), having written a thesis on interest representation in the EU on environmental issues.

Email: info(at)

Barbara Haya, a research fellow at UC Berkeley, is working on research focusing on carbon offset programs. A portrait of Haya was taken near the Alumni House at UC Berkeley on Saturday August 24, 2019. (Lindsey Moore/KQED)


Barbara is a Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Environmental Public Policy and at the California Institute for Energy and Environment. She has researched the outcomes of carbon offset programs for over fifteen years. Her current work at UC Berkeley, and prior to that at Stanford Law School and Union of Concerned Scientists, analyzes the design and implementation of California’s global warming law, with a focus on its carbon offset program. Barbara holds a PhD from UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group, where she studied the outcomes of the Kyoto Protocol’s offset program, the Clean Development Mechanism, including through field research in India, and worked closely with NGOs at the international climate change negotiations in support of offset program reform.
Email: bhaya(at)


Aki Kachi is a climate policy analyst at NewClimate Institute working on carbon pricing and climate finance. With almost 10 years of experience in the climate policy field, Aki has contributed to and led a number of projects at the UNFCCC, EU, national and local levels. Particular areas of expertise include, national climate policy planning, the design and implementation of emissions trading schemes as well as baseline and crediting mechanisms such as the CDM, the California offset protocols and the Australian Carbon Farming Initiative.

Email: a.kachi(at)

Bram Claeys, Member


Bram joined the Carbon Market Watch board in October 2019. He is Senior Adviser at the Regulatory Assistance Project. He is professionally active in the environmental and energy sectors since 1998, with a growing focus on renewable energy policy. He’s been a policy expert for industry, government and environmental NGO’s in Belgium, Europe and the state of Massachusetts in the United States. Bram has a broad scientific training as a chemist from the University of Ghent, with additional degrees in International Cooperation and environmental management.

Email: eenbram(at)


Carbon Market Watch Members (as of June 2023)

Carbon Market Watch is a not-for-profit membership association. We welcome members for the positive impact that our working relationship with them can have in the fight against climate change. We believe in bottom-up advocacy and have since 2009 worked with numerous NGOs, activists, journalists and academics in many countries across the world to ensure that climate mitigation policies are fair and effective drivers to limit climate change.

Holding ourselves to the same standard of transparency that we call for in public policy making, we also value the accountability that membership provides. Our members provide vital oversight to the Executive Team. 

As a member, you can benefit from our work in general like anybody who looks us up, engages with us or subscribes to our distribution list, but you will always come first in our consideration and our search for collaboration. Some benefits will be exclusive to you.

  • Access to policy analysis and opportunities for engagement on climate policies especially carbon markets and pricing, climate finance, and industrial decarbonisation. We occasionally hold policy coordination calls or webinars for members only.
  • Close cooperation on campaigns with climate policy experts from other countries. We coordinate joint position papers and call on members to provide testimony on climate policies in actions to underpin our advocacy input at international level.
  • Opportunities to join advocacy actions at times of national and global campaigns. We are available to members to work out specific strategic alignments and offer engagement in English, French and Spanish.
  • Opportunities to participate and co-organise capacity building activities such as workshops or webinars and benefit from the materials we create. We might commission our members to organise activities or help with their costs for participating in activities. We might join forces in funding applications.
  • Input to your local campaigns and help with promotion (if in line with Carbon Market Watch positions). We can respond to requests from members to support them in specific national, regional or local actions – with policy or communications expertise.
  • Direct access to fellow CMW members via a dedicated mailing list. Subscription to this mailing list is based on explicit opt-in in line with EU data protection rules.

Full membership, which gives the right to vote in our General Assemblies and to be a candidate for the board, is limited to individuals – we count on their idealistic support or professional interest.  Supporting membership is open to individuals or organisations and gives access to membership privileges (including active participation in General Assemblies) except voting rights and the possibility to stand for election to the board – we look to them as our “joint action pool”. Members must be formally independent of governments and commercial organisations. Membership fees are currently not applied, but donations from members are welcome.

Applications for full membership are reviewed by the CMW board and then approved by the General Assembly (GA). Applications for supporting membership are decided by the board alone. Memberships run for a 3 year period. They will automatically renew unless either party expresses objection or the relationship has been inactive for the last two years (no GA attendance or other engagement). 

Membership of Carbon Market Watch is not an endorsement of the specific political positions taken by the executive team (which are based on the strategic goals endorsed by the board and the General Assembly). However, alignment with our statutory aims is a condition for membership.

Fees: Currently there is no fee for membership

Individuals or organisations interested in becoming a member of Carbon Market Watch are strongly encouraged to take a tour of our website and in particular read About CMW – Mission, Values, Approach, History, and about Our Work.

Then please fill out one of the online forms:

  • To join us as a full member (individuals only) please click on the link  here 
  • To join CMW as a supporting member (organisations or individuals) please click on the link here 

If you have any questions, please contact Leonela Garcés  

Member candidates also need to approve of our statutes (French original) (English) endorsement of which is requested in the forms below.

Since 2009, we have established strong partnerships inter alia through regional capacity-building workshops in South and Eastern Europe, and in other regions across the globe, including China, India, West Africa, South and Central America. In some cases, these partnerships have been translated into formal members. As of 2019, we have reorganised our membership structure with the aim at strengthening our relationship with supporters to share as well as draw upon knowledge and experience on climate action and engagement around the globe.

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