Civil society participation in (I)NDCs: building on the legacy of NAMAs

Scroll down for French and Spanish Experience with Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) should be taken into account when implementing Nationally Determined Contributions. This article provides lessons learned from stakeholder engagement in NAMAs implementation and recommendations on how to ensure all-inclusive stakeholder consultation in the framework of the Paris Agreement. On 4 November 2016 the …

Will G20 leaders keep their promise to end fossil fuel subsidies?

The upcoming G20 meeting will be a chance for the world’s most influential economies to put an end date to subsidising fossil fuels. Civil society is calling for the leaders to speed up the ratification of Paris agreement and commit to a phase out of fossil fuel subsidies by no later than 2020. The G20 …

European Parliament committee calls for higher ambition in EU’s carbon market reform

The first committee of the European Parliament to cast an opinion on the revision of the EU’s carbon market this week voted for more climate ambition and the establishment of an international climate action fund. A majority of members of the development committee supported an increase in the rate by which emissions are cut each …

How EU’s carbon market can scale up international climate finance

Scroll down for French and Spanish The EU can use its Emission Trading System (ETS) to provide an innovative and substantial source of international climate finance much needed in developing countries. The ongoing EU ETS revision provides a great opportunity to establish a new ETS International Climate Action Reserve, which could channel over €3 billion …

Green Climate Fund under pressure after accrediting contested banks

Despite strong opposition from the civil society, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board last week in Songdo accredited two entities – HSBC and Crédit Agricole – that have been contested for money laundering, investment in fossil fuel and poor protection of human and environmental rights. This unveils the double standard poor track record plays in accrediting big or small entities.

The missing ingredients for successful climate mitigation

During the Paris negotiations in December publication of Carbon Market Watch’s policy brief revealed that long-term success of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) depends on having clear guidelines on stakeholder consultations, oversight of sustainable development impacts and sector-specific environmental criteria. The strategic plan for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the NAMA Facility revision process are crucial opportunities to acknowledge these success factors.

US and China launch Common Vision for Paris back to back with adoption of new universal Sustainable Development Agenda

25 September 2015. Today, in a significant move, US and China launched a common vision for Paris, including a new climate finance commitment by China of $3.1 billion to the Green Climate Fund. At the same time, the UN adopted a universal Sustainable Development Agenda to address poverty, need for development and environmental protection. The announcement combined with the new goals give new momentum for the Paris climate conference to better integrate sustainable development objectives.