25 May 2020

Carbon market stakeholder letter to ICAO Council

Dear ICAO Council members, The ongoing global health crisis has led to a drop in air traffic which in turn has already caused tremendous economic hardship for the aviation sector’s workers. This situation has also led to a drop in CO2 emissions from international flights in 2020. This will result in lower baseline emissions for…

7 May 2020

Never Wasting a Crisis: Industry Climate Lobbying During the COVID-19 Pandemic Exposed

Summary: This briefing counters industry attempts to use the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext to weaken international, European and national climate and carbon pricing laws. It debunks myths and provides policy recommendations to decision-makers. The examples include large polluters pushing for delays in implementing the EU Green Deal and national climate policies and airlines aiming…

Press release
By Kaisa Amaral on 30 Apr 2020

Airline bailouts set to double to €26bn as countries fail to impose binding green conditions 

By Carbon Market Watch, Greenpeace, Transport & Environment BRUSSELS 30 April 2020 Airline polluters are now seeking more than €26 billion in taxpayers’ money – double the amount of just a week ago – according to the European airline bailout tracker compiled by Carbon Market Watch, Greenpeace and Transport & Environment. Governments have agreed €11.5 billion…

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Press release
By Kaisa Amaral on 22 Apr 2020

Polluting European airlines seek €12.8 bn (and counting) in bailouts

Updated at 14:20 on 22 April to change TUI Germany to TUI Group Greenpeace, Transport & Environment, and Carbon Market Watch launch airline bailout tracker Brussels, 22 April 2020 – European airlines – some of the European Union’s biggest polluters – have sought an unprecedented €12.8 billion in government bailouts since the beginning of the…

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Watch This! - Civil Society Newsletter
By Andrew Coiley on 31 Mar 2020

Climate action: learning from the corona response

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. — George Santayana   In recent weeks the City of New York reported a 50% increase in the number of cyclists traveling in and around the city to avoid using modes of transportation with higher risk of virus spread. Almost overnight the culture of face-to-face…

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