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Never Wasting a Crisis: Industry Climate Lobbying During the COVID-19 Pandemic Exposed


This briefing counters industry attempts to use the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext to weaken international, European and national climate and carbon pricing laws. It debunks myths and provides policy recommendations to decision-makers.

The examples include large polluters pushing for delays in implementing the EU Green Deal and national climate policies and airlines aiming to secure unconditional public bailouts and trying to weaken the future aviation carbon market. 

It will be crucial to ensure that the world emerges from the health crisis with a strong determination to deliver a green recovery. In the case of Europe, this means, in particular, sticking to the promises made with the European Green Deal. Now is the time to uphold and strengthen existing and future climate policies and attach strict environmental conditions to any bailout packages. Governments must act in the interest of people, not corporations. 

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