European airlines misleading customers with claims of “carbon-neutral” flights – study

A new study commissioned by Carbon Market Watch has revealed gaping holes in the effectiveness of voluntary climate action taken by eight major European airlines. Misleading claims of “carbon neutral” flying, a dependence on poor quality carbon offsets and the low cost of a tonne of CO2 that customers can pay to offset are just …

Environment ministers weaken Emissions Trading System in a race to the bottom with European Parliament

Rather than correct course after the European Parliament’s shocking abrogation of responsibility, EU environment ministers have lowered the ambition of the EU ETS even further. Moreover, the Environment Council has offered heavy industry billions in generous freebies while leaving households to pay the bill.

June newsletter editorial: Dramatic week in climate politics shows undercutting ambition is unacceptable

On the occasion of the European Parliament’s vote on the reform of the EU Emissions Trading System, he environment committee had sent a hard-won compromise deal to the plenary, but it got sabotaged there with the reintroduction of amendments from other committees

FIFA World Cup in Qatar scores own goal with misleading carbon neutrality claim, new report

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar advertises itself as the first carbon-neutral tournament of its kind. Our latest research casts serious doubt on this claim, suggesting that this goal will be achieved through creative accounting rather than actually reaching a carbon footprint of (net) zero.

Amplifier la dynamique des marchés internationaux du carbone en Afrique

Les marchés internationaux du carbone représentent une grande opportunité de développement pour les pays africains, écrit Anyssé Kenfack Ngnintedem*. Les marchés internationaux du carbone, plus spécifiquement le régime de compensation des émissions de CO2 dans le secteur de l’aviation civile internationale (CORSIA), représentent une grande opportunité pour les pays africains. Ils permettent non seulement aux …

Lufthansa, BA, Air France were Europe’s most polluting airlines pre-Covid

Joint press release by Carbon Market Watch and Transport&Environment BRUSSELS 29 March 2021. Three of the biggest recipients of airline bailouts – Lufthansa, British Airways and Air France – were the three biggest European airline emitters before the pandemic grounded flights, official data shows.[1] It is the first time ever that the total emissions of …