International Carbon Offsets in EU Climate Legislation – A Historical Concept? (Newsletter #4)

EU policy makers are currently debating the design of the EU’s Climate Framework for the period of 2020-2030. Under the current Climate and Energy package, the use of international offset credits has undermined domestic mitigation action significantly both under the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme and the Effort Sharing Decision. International offsets should therefore no longer be eligible for compliance under the 2030 EU Climate Framework.

Lessons from the CDM: NAMAs & Sustainability Benefits (Newsletter #4)

Both the CDM and NAMAs have the goal to deliver sustainable development benefits. But for a number of political and structural reasons the CDM has failed to consistently and convincingly deliver such benefits. As NAMA initiatives are kicking off all over the world, we look at what lessons need to be taken into account to create a success story on how sustainable development can be achieved by climate mitigation projects and policies in developing countries.

Friend of the Court Brief filed in Panamanian Case challenging CDM project Barro Blanco (Newsletter #4)

The infamous CDM Barro Blanco hydro power project, registered in 2011, continues to cause unrest amongst indigenous communities in Panama. Civil society organizations filed a letter in an ongoing domestic lawsuit in a Panamanian court, after a visit by UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples who concluded that the government should have ensured adequate consultation. Despite the negative impacts on the Ngöbe communities, the CDM remains without remedies for affected people to appeal against CDM projects that violate applicable international, including international human rights laws.

Carbon Market Watch @ Work (Newsletter #4)

Press Releases Press Release: EDF Trading backs away from Adani’s carbon offsetting coal project (05.09.13) Press Release: New draft Regulation on offset entitlements criticized for undermining the EU ETS  (10.07.13) Press Statement: Carbon Market Watch welcomes today’s vote as a stepping stone for structural reform to the EU ETS (03.07.13) Press Release: New data shows …

Open letter from civil society groups regarding the EBRD Energy Sector Strategy and consultations

The last time civil society groups met with you in person during the 2013 EBRD annual meetings in Istanbul, we agreed that there would be disagreementsahead. It was a warning not to expect a very ambitious Energy Sector Strategy, and during those two days of discussions, civil society participants heard a number of excuses about why the imperative to end EBRD financing for coaland other fossil fuels could not be realised in our region.

Recode – Short documentary on Forest Carbon

Synopsis   Recode takes a fresh look at forest carbon; exploring the initiatives currently being developed to reduce emissions with forest resources. While outlining the current market approaches to emission sequestration, Recode addresses some of the drivers of deforestation and various efforts aimed at its containment in developing countries. Recognising the socioeconomic challenges surrounding forests …

Watching China’s emerging carbon markets (Watch This #6)

View of the city of Hangzhou Photo: Diego Martinez-Schuett By Diego Martinez-Schütt, Policy Officer, Carbon Market Watch On 18 June, the city of Shenzhen launched the first pilot emissions trading system (ETS) in China. Although Shenzhen’s ETS will only cover about 30 million tonnes of CO2, this move marks China’s race towards a national carbon …