News: Global Aviation Dialogue meetings add pressure to address aviation emissions

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) intends to adopt a global market-based mechanism to reduce emissions from international aviation at its 2016 meeting. A series of regional workshops – Global Aviation Dialogs, or GLADs – over the month of April will put political discussions on this process into the next gear. Given the slow pace and lack of ambition so far, the upcoming GLADs will provide the opportunity for EU countries to start aligning positions to ensure that a future mechanisms does what it is set out to do and is not merely a greenwash for the aviation industry.

Keeping the books on emission units

Accounting of emissions will be a cornerstone of a future climate treaty and is hugely important for the integrity of carbon markets as well as keeping us on track to limit global warming below 2°C. Lima will need to lay grounds for a rigorous accounting framework and robust unit quality requirements. It will also need to establish consistency to the ICAO process that is developing a global market based mechanism for aviation emissions.

Reducing aviation emission in EU

Since 1997, ICAO, the UN organization for air travel has dragged its feet to implement binding climate targets (learn more). For many years, the European Union had signalled to the international community that it would place unilateral restrictions on aviation emissions if ICAO would not take stronger action and commit to a plan to reduce …