Report – Glimpses from Ground: Analysis of selected CDM projects in India

Executive Summary India is one of the top countries in implementation of CDM projects. The Indian CDM authority has stipulated a sustainable criterion for such CDM projects. As per the criteria, the proposed CDM project should bring social, environmental, economic and technical well-being to the project site. Gujarat Forum on CDM prepared this study with …

Friend of the Court Brief filed in Panamanian Case challenging CDM project Barro Blanco (Newsletter #4)

The infamous CDM Barro Blanco hydro power project, registered in 2011, continues to cause unrest amongst indigenous communities in Panama. Civil society organizations filed a letter in an ongoing domestic lawsuit in a Panamanian court, after a visit by UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples who concluded that the government should have ensured adequate consultation. Despite the negative impacts on the Ngöbe communities, the CDM remains without remedies for affected people to appeal against CDM projects that violate applicable international, including international human rights laws.