Sustainable Development Goals

7 Dec 2015

SOS: Save Our 2050 Strategies

To keep global temperature increases to 1.5C, to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, will require us all to do all we can to decarbonize as quickly as we are capable. Having national plans in place that focus on near-term action in the context of longer term decarbonization and climate resilience will help to…

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Press release
25 Sep 2015

US and China launch Common Vision for Paris back to back with adoption of new universal Sustainable Development Agenda

25 September 2015. Today, in a significant move, US and China launched a common vision for Paris, including a new climate finance commitment by China of $3.1 billion to the Green Climate Fund. At the same time, the UN adopted a universal Sustainable Development Agenda to address poverty, need for development and environmental protection. The announcement combined with the new goals give new momentum for the Paris climate conference to better integrate sustainable development objectives.

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