US and China launch Common Vision for Paris back to back with adoption of new universal Sustainable Development Agenda

25 September 2015. Today, in a significant move, US and China launched a common vision for Paris, including a new climate finance commitment by China of $3.1 billion to the Green Climate Fund. At the same time, the UN adopted a universal Sustainable Development Agenda to address poverty, need for development and environmental protection. The announcement combined with the new goals give new momentum for the Paris climate conference to better integrate sustainable development objectives.

WATCH THIS! NGO Newsletter #12: How the new Sustainable Development Agenda addresses Climate Change

Scroll down for French and Spanish The newly agreed Sustainable Development Goals offer a unique opportunity for more and better-coordinated climate action vis-à-vis poverty reduction that goes beyond the UNFCCC. This Agenda for the first time acknowledges climate change as sustainable development challenge and the need for countries to deal with both hand in hand. …

Success to agree on climate goals paramount for sustainable development goals

Fighting against climate change and fighting for sustainable development are two sides of the same coin – one will not prosper without the other. It must be made clear to world leaders shaping the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that without an ambitious climate goal, the post-2015 sustainable development agenda cannot reap success.