Carbon Market Watch News
By Kaisa Amaral on 25 Mar 2021

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter – March 2021

A global shipping pollution price on the horizon As other industries have started paying for their pollution, the maritime sector has been let off the hook. Without urgent action, its emissions are set to rise well into the next decade. This trend goes against the Paris Agreement climate targets and the UN shipping agency’s IMO’s…

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25 Mar 2021

Sailing towards a global carbon price in the maritime industry?

Introduction Discussions and negotiations on carbon pricing for the international maritime sector are starting to pick up steam again at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). This is an opportunity to finally get urgently needed, meaningful global climate regulation for this international sector. The maritime sector is the last emitting sector globally not to be covered…

By Wijnand Stoefs on 25 Mar 2021

A global pollution price for ships is back on the agenda – here’s how to get it right

A worldwide shipping carbon pricing scheme must reduce pollution fast, finance technologies that reduce more emissions, and support countries most impacted by climate change. It must not include offsetting nor be allowed to weaken national or regional measures. The global shipping sector is still not paying for the climate damage it is causing. While carbon…

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20 Jan 2021

Joint letter to the European Commission on sustainable fuels

Dear Vice President Timmermans, Commissioner Valean, Commissioner Simson, Commissioner Breton We, the signatories, write to express our support for the goals of the European Green Deal for shipping and aviation, notably the objectives to deploy sustainable alternative fuels/energy via a dedicated Fuel EU Maritime and ReFuelEU Aviation initiatives. Maritime and aviation transport are important parts…

Carbon Market Watch News
By Kaisa Amaral on 27 Nov 2020

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter – November 2020

‘Carbon removals’ must be approached with caution Carbon removals are becoming a hot topic and are also rising up on the EU’s policy-making agenda. There is no denying that we will need to suck CO2 pollution from the atmosphere over the course of this century to avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis. But…

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Press release
By Kaisa Amaral on 15 Sep 2020

EU lawmakers support the expansion of Europe’s carbon market to shipping as global talks are adrift 

BRUSSELS, 15 September 2020. The European Parliament has voted to extend the EU carbon market to cover international shipping, to establish a maritime decarbonisation fund and to set a mandatory reduction target for the carbon intensity of shipping. Carbon Market Watch welcomes the decision as a strong signal towards the UN shipping body that is…

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15 Sep 2020

Joint Letter in support of the ENVI report on the MRV revision

Dear Member of the European Parliament, During the September plenary, you will vote on the revision of the Regulation on monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of shipping emissions. This could be the first-ever EU regulation that requires ships to reduce their emissions and to start paying for their carbon emissions. Climate pollution from the shipping…

Watch This! - Civil Society Newsletter
By Andrew Coiley on 30 Jun 2020

Watch This! – Civil Society Newsletter – Q2

COVID recovery needs environmental strings attached Dear members, colleagues and friends, Recent months have been testing times for so many, as the global pandemic continues to pull on the very fabric of our societies.  While many countries around the world continue to battle the health crisis, others are already looking at how their economies can start to recover from the impact. What should a COVID recovery…

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Watch This! - Civil Society Newsletter
By Wijnand Stoefs on 30 Jun 2020

Dirty Cruise: Time to demand environmental action from shipping

The international shipping sector is also being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and any government response to support this industry should accelerate the pathway to climate neutrality. Shipping accounts for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and this could grow by between 50 and 250% by 2050 if no action is taken. A study from…

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