Industrial Emissions Directive

30 Jun 2020

A New Industry Framework For Achieving the EU Green Deal ‘Zero Pollution’ Goal

Industrial Emissions Directive and climate action: key elements for a review Executive summary Under the EU Green Deal, the European Union is committed to reaching climate neutrality by 2050. A clean industrial transformation is urgently needed to achieve this goal. This paper proposes changes to the current industrial policy framework to ensure that the existing…

By Kaisa Amaral on 19 Jun 2020

“Conservative” EU carbon market alone will not drive the clean industrial revolution

Carbon Market Watch webinar discussed opportunities and barriers to the decarbonisation of cement and steel sectors Europe will not become climate neutral without decarbonising its heavy industry. Technical solutions to achieve deep emission cuts in sectors such as steel and cement exist, but strengthening the EU carbon market and implementing a smart mix of policy…

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By Agnese Ruggiero on 29 Apr 2020

How the EU carbon market’s lesser-known cousin could help drive industrial transformation

As the EU carbon market is failing to drive down industrial carbon pollution, other rules are needed to provide an extra push. The upcoming revision of the industrial emissions directive should include greenhouse gases within the law’s scope. This way, limits on carbon emissions would be included within the criteria that an industrial plant must…

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Policy Submissions
24 Apr 2020

Carbon Market Watch’s response to the inception impact assessment on Industrial Emissions Directive revision

Carbon Market Watch fully supports the comprehensive feedback provided by the European Environmental Bureau to the inception impact assessment and welcomes the opportunity to give specific views on how the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) should be revised to support industrial decarbonisation in a complementary manner to the EU Emission Trading System.   While we support the…