EU Industry

By Kaisa Amaral on 25 Jun 2019

European businesses need clear direction, not populism

A strong and clear political climate commitment leading to the right policies and measures will help Europe’s industry thrive in a zero-carbon world. Last week, a veto by the Polish, Czech, Estonian and Hungarian governments led to the failure of the long-awaited endorsement of the EU’s long-term climate strategy and commitment to climate neutrality by…

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25 Apr 2019

Cracking Europe’s hardest climate nut – How to kick-start the zero-carbon transition of energy-intensive industries?

Executive summary With total greenhouse gas emissions of 708 million tonnes1 per year, resource and energy intensive industry is the third largest climate polluter in Europe2. The cement, chemical, and steel sectors alone are responsible for almost 60% of these emissions. Industrial emissions are regulated under the EU Emission Trading System (ETS), but the numerous…

By Femke de Jong on 9 Oct 2018

Waste gases from steel worse for the climate than coal

The IPCC, the leading body of climate scientists, released a report this week showing that without unprecedented and rapid action, it will not be possible to avoid dangerous climate change. A major share of the efforts to keep global warming to 1.5°C will need to come from industry, which is the end-use sector responsible for…

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