EU ETS 101: A beginner’s guide to the EU’s Emissions Trading System (2024 update)

This beginner’s guide to the EU ETS aims to build knowledge and understanding of Europe’s carbon market for civil society organisations who have little or no prior experience with EU climate policies, especially in countries in the EU neighbourhood. It provides introductory knowledge on how the EU ETS is designed and how it functions. Increased …

‘Human Stories’ series demonstrates promising yet unfulfilled potential of EU Emissions Trading System

Examples of climate funding being put to good use in Greece, Portugal and Belgium suggest how revenue from the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) can be better used to enhance climate action. This potential can be further boosted by eliminating the freebies awarded to the wealthiest polluters.

Common good v private profit: Making the EU’s Emissions Trading System work for the many rather than the few

23 January 2024 | 14:30 – 16:00 CET | ONLINE The EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) badly needs cleaning up. It needs to make heavy emitters pay a fair price for their immense carbon footprints and use that revenue to finance industrial decarbonisation and schemes that benefit society and the environment. Drawing on the …

12 Days of ETSMas

Merry ETSmas!

The EU through its Emissions Trading System giftwraps free pollution permits to 30 grossly wealthy energy  production and heavy industry companies causing 25% of the bloc’s emissions.

Over the 12 days of ETSMas we counted down the EU’s luckiest polluters.