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Decarbonising European industry

Annual report 2022

Foreword by Sabine Frank The top story of 2022 was, sadly, the Russian invasion of and war in Ukraine. Beyond the emotional toll of watching the human cost of warfare, it had an impact on

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Effort Sharing Regulation

Annual Report 2021

Foreword In many ways, 2021 was a year of pivotal moments that set the stage for CMW’s work to come. In July, the European Commission announced the Fit for 55 package. The CMW team eagerly

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The EU Green Deal and Climate Law

Annual Report 2020

Foreword That 2020 was an exceptional year is to state the obvious, just as terrible human impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic are painfully still continuing in Europe and across the world, however unevenly. It is

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National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs)

Annual Report 2019

Foreword 2019 was an exciting and full year for Carbon Market Watch (CMW). On the wings of the global youth movement asking for better climate protection, the issue of climate change gained prominence it had

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Annual Report 2018

Foreword Carbon markets can work well if designed well. However, as Carbon Market Watch has shown time and again, the technical details of how they are designed determine whether they will result in real emissions

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Annual Report 2017

Foreword 2017 was another busy year for Carbon Market Watch with reforms to the oversupplied European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the rise of new carbon markets, and concerted first steps to end offsetting mechanisms like the

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Effort Sharing Regulation

Annual Report 2016

FOREWORD 2016 was a year that shook the world and the European Union in particular. The new hope for multilateral climate cooperation under the 2015 Paris agreement received a blow with the election of a climate

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Annual Report 2015

FOREWORD 2015 was a watershed moment in the global fight against irreversible climate change. Ever since the industrial revolution and the carbon surge that followed, time has not been on our side. With consequences of global warming

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Annual Report 2014

FOREWORD After the G7 summit and in the run-up to the Paris COP21, climate issues are back high on the global agenda. A decarbonised global economy until the end of the century – G7 leaders almost

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Annual Report 2013

Foreword 2013 was another busy and eventful year for Nature Code and Carbon Market Watch. With new developments in international carbon markets continuing to flow thick and fast, we paused only briefly to celebrate our

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