Why the Green Deal needs a strong industrial climate plan

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Episode 1: Why the Green Deal needs a strong industrial climate plan

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What are we talking about today?

We discuss the upcoming EU industrial strategy, in which the European Commission is expected to outline its vision for the climate-friendly transition of European industrial sector.

Our honourable guests Ursula Woodburn, Head of EU Relations, Corporate Leaders Group Europe and Member of the European Parliament Michael Bloss share their expectations for the strategy and vision for cleaning up Europe’s heavy industry.

According to Ms Woodburn, it will be paramount for the industrial strategy to provide businesses with the confidence to invest in industries of the future by outlining a clear path forward.

Mr Bloss underlines that the industrial strategy must be in line with the climate neutrality target and a new, higher 2030 target, which means that we have to do a lot and we have to do it fast.


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Why the Green Deal needs a strong industrial climate plan

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