Inputs to structured consultation on removal activities (Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement)

Carbon Market Watch welcomes the opportunity to provide inputs to the Supervisory Body on specific questions pertaining to removal activities. However, we note that the 2-week window to make submissions is extremely short and also overlaps with SB58, which many observer organisations that closely follow the Supervisory Body have attended – as a result, there …

Ship wreck

International shipping’s new climate plan provokes storm of protest

Green groups criticised the International Maritime Organisation’s failure to raise the shipping sector’s climate ambition sufficiently to ensure that this highly polluting sector navigates a course that is compatible with keeping global temperature increases within the 1.5°C limit set out in the Paris Agreement.

Greta Thunberg and other activists at the Bonn climate change conference

Penetrating the technical fog clouding Article 6 carbon markets

Following the technical deadlock and glacial pace of progress at the Bonn climate conference, negotiators need to get their act together before COP28. Climate commitments should shape the further development of carbon markets under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, otherwise the environment and society will lose out.

COP27 FAQ: Article 6 of the Paris Agreement explained

The rules governing carbon markets agreed at the COP26 in Glasgow need to be translated into functioning and effective mechanisms at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh. This handy Carbon Market Watch guide explains Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, how it works and main the issues at stake.

FAQ: Deciphering Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

The rules governing carbon markets agreed at the COP26 in Glasgow have sparked significant interest and confusion. If you are among the perplexed, this handy Carbon Market Watch guide provides answers to frequently asked questions about Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. What is Article 6? What is the difference between the Article 6.2 and …

October editorial: COP26 and the rise of the climate inactivists

We fight the climate wars no longer only against denialists but also against what climate scientist Michael Mann calls “inactivists”, writes Sabine Frank.  I don’t know at which UN climate conference this trend began, but at COP15 in Copenhagen, the shift was certainly not yet apparent. The recent BBC ‘conspiracy thriller’ The Trick is a  …

COP26: Five reasons why carbon markets (Article 6) matter

Carbon markets are high on the agenda at the UN’s COP26 climate change conference. Carbon Market Watch’s Gilles Dufrasne has prepared this handy guide to explain the issues at stake related to Article 6. The next UN climate change conference (COP26) kicks off this weekend. One of the key items up for negotiation is the …

Briefing for ministerial discussions on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Introduction: The UK COP Presidency has planned informal ministerial consultations on July 7 and July 12, in order to make progress on Article 6, which is still in stalemate despite recent technical discussions. Ministers have been asked to discuss a set of framing questions on three key sticking points: double counting of emissions, possible transition …

Carbon Market Watch input to SBSTA on matters related to article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Views on the rapid operationalisation of article 6 This submission is part of a series of submissions responding to the monthly calls from the SBSTA chair covering several aspects of article 6 The operationalisation of Article 6 should guarantee integrity, transparency and inclusiveness. Speed should not undermine the overall objective of contributing to the Paris …