24 Nov 2020

Carbon markets and agriculture – why offsetting is putting us on the wrong track

A joint briefing by Carbon Market Watch, Secours Catholique, CCFD – Terre Solidaire and Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy (IATP) Executive summary Climate mitigation projects in the agriculture sector, particularly those focused on storing carbon in soils, are increasingly being tied to carbon markets. But the impact of these initiatives is highly questionable. First,…

Policy Submissions
29 Oct 2020

Carbon Market Watch feedback to Gold Standard’s document “Operationalising and scaling post-2020 carbon markets”

Carbon Market Watch welcomes Gold Standard’s vision for the post-2020 voluntary market and supports the idea of developing a new type of claim which would not be used for compensation of greenhouse gas emissions. If carbon credits continue to be used as offsets/compensation, we also support the position that this should only be possible if…

28 Oct 2020

“Offsetting must not be a license to continue polluting”

We joined the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate launch event on Friday 23 October. Watch the interview with Sabine Frank here. Companies and governments are announcing “climate-neutrality” targets, and consumers are being offered ways to offset their carbon footprint. What does this mean in practice? How can we distinguish between real climate action and…

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By Gilles Dufrasne on 22 Oct 2020

Up in smoke – California fires once again highlight dangers of forest offsets 

Companies are increasingly adopting “climate-neutrality” targets, which often include relying on forests to compensate for pollution. After yet another such offset project was swallowed by flames in California, unresolved questions about forest and land offsets resurface. It’s a simple tagline for green marketing campaigns: “Enjoy our product, it’s climate neutral”. While the tagline is simple,…

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By Gilles Dufrasne on 26 Feb 2019

Existing UN carbon credits will do nothing to offset aviation industry pollution, new Nature study finds

A new paper published in Nature Climate Change confirms that relying on outdated Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) carbon credits to compensate aviation emissions will do nothing for climate action. You can read the full paper here (paywall): Warnecke et al. (2019): “Robust eligibility criteria essential for new global scheme to offset aviation emissions”, Nature Climate…

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Press release
28 Jun 2018

UN aviation body delays decision on key rules for airline offset scheme

28 June 2018 – BRUSSELS. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Council approved part of the package of rules for its future aviation offsetting scheme (CORSIA) yesterday in Montreal. The Council postponed decisions on offset and biofuel criteria, fueling concerns that they may be weakened before the next Council meeting in September. The 36 member countries…

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By Gilles Dufrasne on 19 Jun 2018

An elephant in the room

How offsetting threatens even the most ambitious carbon pricing initiatives As leaders from three major carbon pricing jurisdictions meet in Brussels this week, it is important to take stock of how effectively pollution is priced in China, Canada, and the EU, and how it can help deliver on Paris climate goals.   The 24th UN…

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