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By Kaisa Amaral on 3 Jun 2021

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter – May 2021

Time to tackle the thorny issues at UN carbon market talks  Next week, UN negotiators continue the talks on the Paris Agreement’s Article 6 which lays the foundation for future global carbon markets. It is the last open element of the so-called Paris Rulebook to implement the global climate deal. Political leaders have failed to…

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By Kaisa Amaral on 27 May 2021

Steel, cement and chemicals industries key to the clean transition 

The International Energy Agency outlines a path to a fossil-free future The International Energy Agency calls for an immediate stop to investments in and production of fossil fuels. For heavy industry decarbonisation, the “Net Zero by 2050” report relies too much on unproven technologies like carbon capture and storage. But it nevertheless sends a strong…

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By Agnese Ruggiero on 16 Apr 2021

Four key issues to watch in the EU’s carbon market reform

This opinion piece was first published on Euractiv on 15 April 2021 EU carbon market emissions experienced a record fall last year, but when it comes to heavy industry, the effect is likely to be short-lived, writes Agnese Ruggiero. The latest EU carbon market emissions data released by European Commission on April 1 was not…

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12 Apr 2021

A New Hope – Recommendations for the EU Emissions Trading System review

Update 12/04/2021: Adjustments to the infographics “EU carbon emissions” and “The effect of a one-off EU ETS cap reduction” Executive summary With total greenhouse gas emissions of around 700 million tonnes per year, resource and energy-intensive industry is the third-largest climate polluter in Europe. The cement, chemical and steel sectors alone are responsible for almost…

Driving industrial innovation towards the European Green Deal goals

This event is jointly organised by CAN Europe, Carbon Market Watch, E3G, EEB and WWF  as part of the European Commission’s EU Industry Days 2021. Date and time: 10:45-12:15 CET, 25 February 2021 (online), register here Background: The EU has a ‘Green Deal’ and a commitment to climate neutrality. This means that industry, which currently…

25 Feb 2021

By Agnese Ruggiero, Gilles Dufrasne on 25 Nov 2020

EU carbon market report underlines the need to end pollution handouts

While the EU carbon market is helping to clean up Europe’s power sector, industrial CO2 pollution remained stubbornly high, and that from aviation kept growing in 2019. This is partly due to overly generous handouts of pollution permits. These subsidies must be phased out to incentivise cleaner production and more sustainable transport as the scheme…

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29 Oct 2020

10 Key Principles for a Carbon Border Adjustment Measure (CBAM)

With more information on the design options that the European Commission is considering for a Carbon Border Adjustment Measure (CBAM) and slightly more clarity on the different options available, Carbon Market Watch has updated its position and refined the key principles originally presented in the briefing “Carbon Border Adjustments: Climate Protection or Climate Protectionism?” published…

7 Jul 2020

Cleaning up industry: why the EU’s strategy isn’t enough yet

Summary The new EU Industrial Strategy, released by the European Commission on 10 March 2020 as part of a larger industrial package, is the first sector-specific plan to be published since the European Green Deal was announced. It is an opportunity to put the EU economy on track towards climate neutrality, and put climate action…

By Kaisa Amaral on 19 Jun 2020

“Conservative” EU carbon market alone will not drive the clean industrial revolution

Carbon Market Watch webinar discussed opportunities and barriers to the decarbonisation of cement and steel sectors Europe will not become climate neutral without decarbonising its heavy industry. Technical solutions to achieve deep emission cuts in sectors such as steel and cement exist, but strengthening the EU carbon market and implementing a smart mix of policy…

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7 May 2020

Never Wasting a Crisis: Industry Climate Lobbying During the COVID-19 Pandemic Exposed

Summary: This briefing counters industry attempts to use the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext to weaken international, European and national climate and carbon pricing laws. It debunks myths and provides policy recommendations to decision-makers. The examples include large polluters pushing for delays in implementing the EU Green Deal and national climate policies and airlines aiming…