“Net zero” oil company: Climate action or oxymoron?

Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) has positioned itself as a global leader in direct air capture, carbon capture and utilisation, and enhanced oil recovery. In ambiguous messaging, the oil and gas company depicts these processes as both an effective tool for tackling the climate crisis and as a mechanism for extending business as usual fossil fuel production and consumption for decades to come.

Viser le vert: Évaluation de la stratégie climat et de la communication des jeux olympiques de Paris 2024

Tous les quatre ans, le monde se réunit pour célébrer l’événement sportif le plus important, les Jeux olympiques. Les records démontrant les plus grandes performances athlétiques humaines sont battus et célébrés à juste titre, mais alors que l’humanité continue de battre des records de température mondiale beaucoup moins convoités, le rôle des méga-événements doit être mis en évidence, et des cadres organisationnels meilleurs et plus responsables devraient monter sur la plus haute marche du podium.

Going for green: Assessing the climate strategy and communication of the 2024 Paris Olympics

The world comes together once every four years to celebrate its pinnacle sporting event, the Olympic games. Records demonstrating the greatest human athletic achievements are broken and rightly celebrated, but as humanity continues to smash much less coveted records of global temperatures, the role of mega events has to be highlighted, and better, more responsible organisational frameworks should top the podium.

Going for green: Is the Paris Olympics winning the race against the climate clock?

Aware of the impact of the games on the climate and of record temperatures on the games, organisers of the Paris games have pledged to break records when it comes to reducing the impact of this mega event on the planet. ‘Going for Green’, a Carbon Market Watch and éclaircies report assessing the credibility of these plans reveals that if completely implemented, only 30% of the expected carbon footprint is covered by a robust climate strategy.

Decade of (in)action: Are corporate 2030 climate plans fit for purpose?

As this year’s edition of the CCRM reveals, the median absolute emissions reduction commitments by 2030 for the 51 companies assessed was as little as 30% (and 33% at the most optimistic), whereas the world needs a 43% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 48% in carbon emissions below 2019 levels to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C.


2030 climate targets of over 50 top corporations significantly off track to keep within 1.5°C limit

At a time when global carbon emissions need to be almost halved by 2030, 51 major corporations’ climate commitments amount only to reducing their median carbon footprint by as little as 30%, reveals the 2024 Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor. Tighter regulations from governments are needed to raise the bar, both for companies which are taking insufficient action, and those who are not doing anything at all.

Decade of (in)action​: Are corporate 2030 climate plans fit for purpose?

9 April 2024 | 15:00 – 16:00 CET | ONLINE REGISTER HERE Major corporations around the world lay claim to being climate champions with their “net zero” pledges and “carbon neutral” products and services. But how seriously are these multinational companies tackling the climate emergency? Which are taking genuine green action, and which are engaged in …