European Green Deal

Press release
By Khaled Diab on 29 Jun 2022

Environment ministers weaken Emissions Trading System in a race to the bottom with European Parliament

Rather than correct course after the European Parliament’s shocking abrogation of responsibility, EU environment ministers have lowered the ambition of the EU ETS even further. Moreover, the Environment Council has offered heavy industry billions in generous freebies while leaving households to pay the bill. Last week, MEPs voted on a diluted Emissions Trading System, undermining…

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Press release
By Khaled Diab on 10 May 2022

EU carbon market must lead to faster emissions cuts to tackle climate crisis, new research shows

If the European Union does not significantly strengthen its reformed flagship Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), it risks fuelling planetary heating that will exceed 1.5°C and even missing its own inadequate targets, two simulations show. The EU ETS must significantly raise its 2030 targets, lower its emissions faster than planned, and remove surplus allowances from…

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Policy Submissions
5 Apr 2020

Carbon Market Watch’s feedback to energy taxation directive impact assessment

Carbon Market Watch welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the ETD revision. Several aspects of this directive are crucial to set the EU on a  pathway compatible with the Paris Agreement’s objectives. Carbon Market Watch supports the revision of the Directive, in particular with regard to the aim of “aligning taxation of energy products…

10 Mar 2020

A new European Industrial Strategy

Ten top asks from WWF and Carbon Market Watch The EU Industrial Strategy is the first sector-specific plan to be published since the European Green Deal announcement. The Strategy is the opportunity to set the EU economy in the direction of climate neutrality, as proposed under the EU Climate Law. It is a chance to…

By Kaisa Amaral on 9 Mar 2020

What does the EU Climate Law have to do with cement?

Committing to climate neutrality in the long term sends an important signal, but getting there needs short-term climate action and will not happen without cleaning up Europe’s heavy industry.  The European Green Deal was unveiled by the European Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen in December 2019. It is the new Commission’s master plan…

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By Wijnand Stoefs on 23 Jan 2020

EU starts taking just transition seriously

The European Commission’s (EC) plan to mobilise more than 1 trillion EUR over the next 10 years to support the EU’s transition to climate neutrality sends a strong signal that the Commission is putting climate action at the centre of its work. It strengthens the case for raising the EU’s 2030 climate target to 65%….

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Press release
By Kaisa Amaral on 11 Dec 2019

EU carbon market needs an overhaul to deliver Green Deal

MADRID/BRUSSELS 11 December 2019. The European Green Deal, presented today by the EU Commission, must lead to short-term action and a rapid introduction of a 65% emission reduction target for 2030. Carbon Market Watch welcomes the proposals to include the shipping sector under the EU carbon market and to reduce free allocation for the aviation…

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Carbon Market Watch News
31 Oct 2019

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter – October 2019

Stronger climate action should be the main goal of an EU carbon border tax Dear friends, Tomorrow was supposed to start the count-down to the much-touted “European Green Deal”. The rejection of three Commissioner-candidates by the Europen Parliament means that Ursula von der Leyen’s team is not able to start their work at least before December, but…

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