“Net zero” oil company: Climate action or oxymoron?

Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) has positioned itself as a global leader in direct air capture, carbon capture and utilisation, and enhanced oil recovery. In ambiguous messaging, the oil and gas company depicts these processes as both an effective tool for tackling the climate crisis and as a mechanism for extending business as usual fossil fuel production and consumption for decades to come.

CMW’s response to the Article 6.4 Supervisory Body consultation on removal activities and broader methodological rules

Numerous changes are particularly needed in the Supervisory Body’s draft recommendations regarding removal activities, including with regard to the need for: long-term monitoring, a science-based process to determine reversal risk, clarifications on how reversals are remediated, and strengthened safeguards to uphold the rights of Indigenous Peoples. For more information, including Carbon Market Watch’s text proposals, please consult our full submission.