Carbon dioxide removals

By Kaisa Amaral on 19 Apr 2021

Why Europe cannot rely on forests to meet its climate targets

EU Climate Law negotiators must keep emission reductions and forest protection as separate targets and agree to cut pollution by 65% over the next ten years.    Forests play a vital role as carbon sinks in efforts to avoid catastrophic climate change. They are essential for all life on Earth. They need protection so that they…

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Carbon Market Watch News
By Kaisa Amaral on 25 Feb 2021

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter – February 2021

Gearing up for the EU carbon market rules revision The deadline for public consultation on the EU carbon market rules review passed earlier this month. A look at the input from industry is revealing. For example, the cement sector wants to be rewarded for using uncertain (taxpayer-funded) carbon capture and storage or utilisation to deal…

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By Wijnand Stoefs on 25 Feb 2021

Concrete ideas to divert attention

Debunking industrial carbon removal claims: Cembureau Removing carbon from the atmosphere as a concept is gaining traction around the world. While some form of it will likely be needed to keep global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees, cutting pollution must remain the immediate priority.  As industry struggles to imagine or operationalise net-zero emissions plans by…

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By Wijnand Stoefs on 26 Nov 2020

Carbon removals: a hot topic that requires a cool head

There is a lot of hype around possibilities of sucking carbon out of the atmosphere and the topic is also on the EU policy-making agenda. Plenty of ways to do this exists already, but all of them come with challenges. Understanding and defining what “carbon dioxide removals” are, is a first step towards avoiding policy…

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On the Way to Climate Neutrality: Defining Real and Credible Carbon Removals

November 18th, 2020 14:00 – 16:30 REGISTRATION Background: The IPCC 1.5°C Special Report states that, in addition to the urgent need to cut CO2 pollution, significant carbon dioxide removals (CDR) will be necessary over this century. However, there are, potentially, risks involved in getting CDR policies wrong. Counting on removals that fail to materialise or…

18 Nov 2020