Delegated Act on permanent emission storage through carbon capture and usage (CCU)

Carbon Market Watch supports a scientifically sound and environmentally integer use of permanent CCU in industry and under the EU ETS Directive to incentivise its deployment and obtain additional emissions reductions. To achieve this goal, it is essential to design incentives correctly and avoid incentivising carbon lock-in (or even increased use of fossil fuels).

EU member states’ haphazard approach to carbon removals puts climate goals and nature at risk

National governments in the European Union are botching their planning of carbon removals. This lack of strategic thinking and focus on false solutions threatens the climate and biodiversity, a new study reveals.

Penetrating the carbon removal smokescreen

Carbon dioxide removal, or carbon removal for short, is a controversial and widely misunderstood topic. Harnessed properly, it can help cool our planet and combat global heating. Misused, it can be reduced to an exercise in greenwashing and creative climate bookkeeping that enables polluters to continue polluting with impunity. Wijnand Stoefs explains. Carbon removal means …

There is no cheating the atmosphere

Simply throwing public money at misleading climate solutions, such as carbon capture and storage/utilisation, would be a huge mistake. Although books can be cooked, the atmosphere cannot be cheated. Back in June, fifteen Members of the European Parliament sent an open letter to European  Commisson Vice-President Frans Timmermans and Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson, Internal Market Commissioner …