CO2ol Down Workshops

Registration Deadline: 31 January 2024 Carbon Market Watch is calling on scientists, civil society organisations and climate ambitious industries to join forces to co-design policy proposals that maximise the benefits of removals while keeping the EU’s ambition to slash emissions safe. Participants will discuss and co-create concrete policies on how to best incentivise carbon removals …


Open letter on separate targets in 2040 climate framework

Letter sent to the European Commission by 116 academics, businesses, civil society organisations and research institutions urging the EU to separate emissions reductions, land-based sequestration and permanent carbon removals in the EU’s post-2030 climate framework. This separation should be at the heart of both the setting and the implementation of the 2040 target and associated …


Join CMW in demanding a firewall between emissions reductions, land sequestration and carbon removals

Carbon Market Watch calls on organisations, businesses and academics to join its open call for the EU to explicitly separate its targets and policies for emissions reductions, carbon sequestration in the land sector and permanent removals in its post-2030 climate framework.