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CO2ol Down Workshops

Registration Deadline: 31 January 2024

Carbon Market Watch is calling on scientists, civil society organisations and climate ambitious industries to join forces to co-design policy proposals that maximise the benefits of removals while keeping the EU’s ambition to slash emissions safe.

Participants will discuss and co-create concrete policies on how to best incentivise carbon removals as a supplement to urgent emissions reduction in the EU, with the objective of generating politically interesting and feasible proposals to:

  • Revise the European Climate Law to better recognise the different roles of emissions reduction, land sequestration and carbon removal; and
  • Co-create an effective policy instrument for permanent removals.

We would like to build upon the experiences, knowledge, priorities and concerns of experts actively working in the field of carbon removal and/or EU policy, who think that emissions reductions are our absolute priority but still want to work on incentivising removals and carbon sequestration as supplements. More details about the format of the workshops can be found on the project landing page.

Registration is open until 31 January 2024.  To register for all workshops apply through this form

There will be three full-day workshops – one each in February, March and April, taking place from 9.30 to 16.30 CET in the following dates:

  • First workshop (online): 29 February 2024;
  • Second workshop (in-person, Brussels): 21 March 2024;
  • Third workshop (in-person, Brussels): 25 April 2024.

Please feel free to share widely within your network. If you would need support for travel and accommodation please email [email protected] – we have resources to support a limited number of experts who would otherwise not be able to join.


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