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Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor 2023

The Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor evaluates the transparency and integrity of companies’ climate pledges.

Companies around the world are increasingly alert to the climate emergency. They face calls from a growing range of stakeholders to take responsibility for the impact of their activities. Most large companies now have public climate strategies and targets, many of which include pledges that appear to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, their contributions to global warming. The rapid acceleration of corporate climate pledges, combined with the fragmentation of approaches, means that it is more difficult than ever to distinguish between real climate leadership and unsubstantiated greenwashing. This is compounded by a general lack of regulatory oversight at international, national and sectoral levels. Identifying and promoting real climate leadership, and sorting it from greenwashing, is a key challenge that, where addressed, has the potential to unlock greater global climate change mitigation ambition.The 2023 Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor assesses the climate strategies of 24 major global companies, critically analysing the extent to which they demonstrate corporate climate leadership (Section A, summarised in Table S.1). We evaluate the integrity of climate pledges against good practice criteria to identify examples for replication, and highlight areas where improvement is needed (Section B, summarised in Table S.2). This is the second iteration of the Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor, whereby the 2022 analysis revealed a number of issues with corporate climate strategies.

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