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Consultation to the EU Commission: How to reconcile the Global Market Based Mechanism with the EU Emissions Trading System

  • Following the Paris Agreement and considering the agreed long-term goal, what kind of effort should come from international aviation and how should this develop over time?

The international CNG2020 goal should be legally binding and enforced from the start of the GMBM in 2021. In the future, the cap should then be progressively tightened and further measures implemented to ensure that emissions are reduced in the aviation sector itself, consistent with a 1.5ºC pathway:

  • ICAO policies must not in any way limit more ambitious policies by states or regions
  • CO2 emissions from aviation must be subject to a multiplier of ≥2, as the total climate impact of aviation is 2-5 times higher than its CO2 emissions alone
  • Aviation must contribute to climate finance

At EU level:

  • Aviation emissions should be reduced in the aviation sector
  • The EU should reject international credits as reductions achieved should be domestic
  • Restart the clock in 2017

Both should:

  • Cover all aviation emissions, not just those above 2020 levels
  • Promote in-sector reductions, i.e. by incentivizing technology and performance improvements as well as demand management
  • Routes between developed countries should be subject to more ambitious measures


To read the full consultation from Carbon Market Watch, click here.

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