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Announcement to the country – Movement 10 of April in Defense of the River Tabasará

The Movement 10 of April M10 makes public its rejection to the last activities taking place as the de facto entrance of machinery and excavators to the riverbed of our Tabasará River which we defend against these non consulted projects with the community, specifically the Hydroelectric Project Barro Blanco whose promoter is Generadores del Istmo S.A. GENISA.

The project Barro Blanco is nothing more than another modified version of the sinister project Tabasará I that was designed to provide energy to the ominous Cerro Colorado mining project. We do not think that the government is seated obliging with the generalized rejection to their Law 8 already revoked in last instance and continues plotting with imposing their shady agenda by means of ignoring the legitimate winners and electorate manipulations within the Comarca.

This project was not consulted with the community above all mainly indigenous that would come to be the most affected since the impact area affects deeply the district of Müna within the Ngobe Bugle region since the company did not recognize the legitimate will of its inhabitants realizing fixed and anonymous surveys where it could even falsify the data, where they announced peculiarly that the opinions are divided in 50% also not acknowledging the legitimate will of the Ngobe people and peasants. when only notifying inhabitants of Tolé capital, one of the districts with greatest unemployment of the country of its public forum.

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