Just transition

The transition to a low-carbon economy is necessary and inevitable if we are to avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis. However, the related economic and social burdens must be fairly distributed both within and between countries. In particular, workers and communities attached to carbon-intensive economic activities stand to lose out in the short term as the sectors need to change drastically and jobs might disappear or need workers with different skills.

The concept of “Just Transition” refers to a shift to a low-carbon economy that is not only sustainable but also fair to people that might lose out. It requires the society, including trade unions and lawmakers, to take bold steps to embrace the modern employment opportunities that a sustainable economy brings.

As part of the EU Green Deal, the European Commission plans to mobilise more than 1 trillion EUR over the next 10 years to support a just transition to carbon neutrality in Europe. 

Carbon Market Watch calls for aligning the Green Deal investment plan with other EU climate policies such as the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and for using EU ETS revenues to support workers and regions through the low-carbon transition.