Webinar: Carbon Markets at COP25

Date and time: Monday 25 November 2019, 15.00-16.15 CET

This press webinar will discuss the state of play of the Paris Agreement market negotiations and explore the future of global carbon markets and the role they can play in addressing the climate crisis.


  • Jacob Werksman, European Commission Directorate-General for Climate Action
  • MJ Mace, Article 6 negotiator representing the AOSIS group
  • Stefano de Clara, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
  • Gilles Dufrasne, Carbon Market Watch

The session will be moderated by climate and energy journalist Sonja Van Renssen.

Background: Last year in Katowice, UN negotiators failed to agree on the details of the Paris Agreement Article 6 which lays the foundation for future market mechanisms. It is the last remaining open question of the “Paris Rulebook” to implement the global climate deal. It will be crucial to design the future market measures in a way that they protect the environment and human rights, drive sustainable development and reduce global emissions instead of merely shifting pollution from one place to another. Clear and strong rules are needed to avoid climate efforts being counted towards multiple commitments.

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