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COP22 Side Event: Human rights and climate change: what’s next after Paris?

Venue & Time: Tuesday 15 November 2016,
Green Zone Room 2, Time: 15:00-16:30cover

In a historic step, the Paris agreement recognized the interconnectivity of climate change and human rights, specifying in its preamble that “Parties should, when taking action to address climate change, respect, promote and consider their respective obligations on human rights.” The priority is now to ensure that this preamble is operationalized and translated into actions that will effectively protect the rights of those most vulnerable but least responsible for climate change.

Speakers will reflect on how past experiences and lessons learnt from mitigation projects must inform the design of climate finance rules.  We will also discuss the most important upcoming challenges and priorities in order to ensure that climate action protects and promotes human rights.


The ambition needed for the 1.5°C Objective: lessons from the biofuel land grab, Kelly Stone, ActionAid – a member of Climate, Land and Rights Alliance – CLARA, USA – read presentation

Putting human rights into action: lessons learnt from climate mitigation actions, Juliane Voigt, Carbon Market Watch, Belgium  – read presentation

Climate change and indigenous rights in the context of the Paris Agreement : the case study of the Green Climate Fund, Kimaren Ole Riamit, Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners, Kenya, on behalf of the International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change

The Paris Agreement implementation: what is needed for a just transition of the work force?, Alison Tate, International Trade Union Confederation, Belgium


Alyssa Johl, Carbon Market Watch

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