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COP21 SIDE EVENT & CAPMAN LAUNCH: The role of ambition under the Paris climate treaty and the impact of hot air on the EU’s climate policies – 12/2

Day: Wednesday, 2 December  Hot_Air_EU_pav_side_event
Venue: Official COP venue, EU Pavilion

Carbon Market Watch organized an event at the EU pavilion during the COP21 climate summit on Wednesday 05/12/2015.

A key consideration for the Paris treaty is how to incentivise real additional climate action while avoiding the build-up of “Hot Air”. The lack of environmental integrity of market mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol -such as the Joint Implementation- has undermined the viability of this international climate treaty. Furthermore, the EU experience with the Emissions Trading System (ETS) shows that it has been severely oversupplied and has consequently accumulated a large amount of hot air permits. The event aimed to bring forward ideas on how we can avoid the problems of the past and keep hot air out of the Paris climate treaty and the EU’s climate policies.


  • Lambert Schneider, Stockholm Environment Institute, Has Joint Implementation reduced global GHG emissions? Read presentation
  • Femke de Jong, Carbon Market Watch, The impact of hot air on the EU’s climate policies – Read presentation
  • Damien Meadows, European Commission, Position of the EU on achieving 2030 reductions – Read presentation

Moderator: Ben Garside, Carbon Pulse

The event tied into the launch of ‘CAPMAN: Taking carbon out of the game’. CAPMAN is a free online computer game aiming to highlight the issues of “Hot Air” at Paris and raise ambition levels amongst attendees at the negotiations. The CAPMAN game was officially launched after the side event, with EU Commission Damian Meadows as the first official player.

Read full event report here.

Videogame flyer here





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