A breath of fresh air or an ill wind: The human benefits and costs of decarbonising coal regions

With its focus on tonnes of carbon dioxide discharged into the atmosphere, the EU’s Emissions Trading System can appear to be technical and immaterial to most people. To uncover the human dimension of the EU ETS, with its challenges and opportunities, Carbon Market Watch and The Green Tank, visited Greece’s main lignite-producing region as it …

Greta Thunberg and other activists at the Bonn climate change conference

Penetrating the technical fog clouding Article 6 carbon markets

Following the technical deadlock and glacial pace of progress at the Bonn climate conference, negotiators need to get their act together before COP28. Climate commitments should shape the further development of carbon markets under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, otherwise the environment and society will lose out.

Lacklustre COP27 fails to bring clarity to carbon markets

The Sharm el-Sheikh climate conference’s final deal on Article 6 opens the door to secret carbon market deals between countries with little oversight. On a positive note, a new type of carbon credit could help spell the end of offsetting, but the agreement falls far short of what is needed.

The eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea

Huge proposed project to prevent deforestation in Papua New Guinea may sell hot air credits and have misled locals

A proposed carbon offsetting project in Papua New Guinea, which has been labelled a “scam” by a local politician, appears to be of questionable environmental benefit and has seemingly failed to consult with local communities sufficiently and transparently, a Carbon Market Watch analysis concludes.

March newsletter editorial: The Ukraine tragedy and the heavy price of war

The horror playing out in Ukraine disturbs and distresses the Carbon Market Watch team. We have discussed it amongst ourselves. We have expressed our solidarity with those who are affected. We share their anger at the Russian regime’s unwarranted aggression, senseless bloodshed and escalating destruction. We have joined Ukrainian activists in asking for the international …

Amplifier la dynamique des marchés internationaux du carbone en Afrique

Les marchés internationaux du carbone représentent une grande opportunité de développement pour les pays africains, écrit Anyssé Kenfack Ngnintedem*. Les marchés internationaux du carbone, plus spécifiquement le régime de compensation des émissions de CO2 dans le secteur de l’aviation civile internationale (CORSIA), représentent une grande opportunité pour les pays africains. Ils permettent non seulement aux …