Climate Negotiations

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Carbon Market Watch supports and coordinates the work of many civil society organisations at UNFCCC conferences on particular market and non-market related issues. Beyond this, Carbon Market Watch advocates for stronger environmental and social integrity of UN offsetting schemes and new market mechanisms. During COP meetings, we formulate our campaigns and messages by publicly presenting our work to decision makers and policy advocates.  To learn more about our work from the international climate negotiations please read below:

COP22 Marakech, Morocco

Carbon Market Watch is currently following the climate negotiations at COP 22.

Issue we’re following under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement include:

  • Increase ambition
  • Ensure environmental integrity
  • Promote sustainable development
  • protecting human rights

For more detailed information, please see our recommendations on:

Follow our activities and download our material: Carbon Market Watch @COP22

COP21 Paris, France

The Carbon Market Watch team was in Paris to support the negotiations providing independent analysis on key issues and to raise awareness about potential deal breakers.

See our full coverage of COP21: Carbon Market Watch @COP21

COP20 Lima, Peru

COP20 in Lima to establish the groundwork for a future climate treaty will take place in limbo over tangible commitments on climate action only expected throughout 2015. Yet, discussions on a number of crucial issues will happen in light of this uncertainty. A hot potato will be the level of climate ambition needed for countries that want to use carbon markets.

See our full coverage of COP20: Carbon Market Watch @COP20

COP19 Warsaw, Poland

In the early hours of Sunday, 24 November 2013, the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP19) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) concluded in Poland, Warsaw. After a 40 hour negotiating marathon, the conference concluded with a package of decisions and an even bigger bunch of undecided issues that will be discussed at the next session in June 2014. For a full analysis of the outcome of COP19 and an overview of our activities during the COP see here.

See our full coverage of COP19: Carbon Market Watch @COP19

COP18 Doha, Qatar 

For two weeks in Doha, Qatar delegates from close to 200 countries negotiated the future of the planet at COP18 in Dec 2012. Carbon markets were an important topic. Decisions on the future of the CDM, the JI, AAU surplus and New Market Mechanisms were made.

See our full coverage of COP18: Carbon Market Watch @COP18



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