No sustainable development from China’s biogas projects

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Hans Curtius and Tobias Vorlaufer examine the success of CDM projects in the biogas sector of China, where the majority of biogas projects are in the food processing industry. By September 2009, 34 projects were either registered or in validation process at the UNFCCC, which account for 2% of all projects. They conclude that these projects are not expected to meet the CDM goal of contributing to sustainable development because of low operation skills and inadequate technology due to low foreign technology and know-how transfer.  Curtius and Vorlaufer point out that inadequacies in the international CDM framework and complications with national regulations and legal obstacles also hinder these biogas plants to operate for successful sustainable development.  A new CDM framework or reform must be in place to improve biogas project operations in China.


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No sustainable development from China’s biogas projects

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