COP28: Article 6 failure avoids a worse outcome 

Torn between countries demanding that Article 6 carbon markets be available with virtually no restrictions and countries insisting on upholding transparency, human rights, and climate ambition, negotiators at COP28 failed to break the deadlock. With all the unresolved problematic issues, the fact that they reached no deal was better than agreeing to a bad one that would torpedo the Paris Agreement.

Plenary session at 2022 Bonn Climate Conference

Devil in the details at 2023 Bonn climate conference

If the country-to-country carbon market established under Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement is to have any credibility, negotiators meeting at the UN intersessional climate conference in Bonn must agree on the fine print that prevents double counting, abandons secrecy and promotes accountability.

​​Recommendations for the key topics under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement ​

Prepared for the Bonn Climate Change Conference 5-15 June 2023 Carbon Market Watch welcomes the opportunity to provide input to the discussions on matters relating to Article 6.2 (plus one in 6.4) of the Paris Agreement ahead of the UNFCCC’s 58th session of the subsidiary bodies. Sequencing and timing ● A step-wise process consisting of clearly …

SB42 – Bonn Negotiation

 Carbon Market Watch will be closely following the UNFCCC negotiations from Bonn, Germany. The Bonn UNFCCC session kicks off real negotiations on the text agreed in Geneva in February. Those elements of the text that are agreed by Parties will become parts of the Paris Protocol, which should be completed in December this year. The …

COP19 Analysis Editorial

After a 40 hour negotiating marathon, COP19 concluded with a package of decisions and an even bigger bunch of undecided issues that will be discussed at the next session in June 2014.

COP19: #3 Kick coal out of the CDM!

Carbon Market Watch protested outside the venue of the International Coal Summit alongside CAN Europe and other organisations. A lot has been said about the outrageous decision to have an International Coal Summit at the same time as the UNFCCC climate talks here in Warsaw.

COP19 #2: Shopping cart for anything goes (SCAG)

At a workshop in June, the UNFCCC Secretariat had the glorious idea that maybe it would move things along more swiftly if we came up with a new name for the so called FVA- the Framework for Various Approaches.
How about SCAG – Shopping Cart for Anything Goes. Not that we like a SCAG but it sure looks like one right now.