Paris Agreement Article 6

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By Kaisa Amaral on 29 Jan 2021

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter – January 2021

New Year New Climate Momentum The private-sector task force, led by Mark Carney, has published its roadmap for “scaling up voluntary carbon markets”. More investments in climate action are, of course, more than welcome. But the task force should pay more attention to quality – instead of focusing on quantity. One striking omission in the new…

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By Sabine Frank on 28 Jan 2021

The lengthened and stony road to Glasgow

A reminder of the tricky issues of agreement on global carbon market rules in the context of ratcheting up climate ambition Raising ambition is the primordial task for governments ahead of and at the next UN climate conference. But it will also be essential to finally agree on the rules that will govern global carbon…

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Watch This! - Civil Society Newsletter
By Andrew Coiley / Anysee Kenfack Ngnintedem/ Florencia Ortúzar & Astrid Milena Bernal / Falguni Joshi & Mahesh Pandya on 20 Oct 2020

Capacity download: Summer webinar series 

Over the summer Carbon Market Watch along with our members and new working partner NGOs in Latin America, Africa and India hosted a series of online webinars to discuss the current state of carbon markets around the world and their specific impacts on various regions. The online events were designed to substitute for physical workshop…

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