The EU City Calculator: a new tool guides European cities by simulating climate transition paths   

BRUSSELS, 23 January 2024 – EUCityCalc has officially launched its free, open source online platform that allows local councils and other stakeholders to visualise and simulate low-carbon scenarios for their towns and cities, as well as to assess the trade-offs related to available choices. Although the European Green Deal and the European Union’s other climate …

Common good v private profit: Making the EU’s Emissions Trading System work for the many rather than the few

23 January 2024 | 14:30 – 16:00 CET | ONLINE The EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) badly needs cleaning up. It needs to make heavy emitters pay a fair price for their immense carbon footprints and use that revenue to finance industrial decarbonisation and schemes that benefit society and the environment. Drawing on the …

Polluting for free during a climate crisis: Update of the EU ETS free allocation rules

A large part of heavy industry carbon emissions is exempted from ETS obligations. The allocation system of free emissions allowances was designed to shield European heavy industries from the purported risk of “carbon leakage”, the alleged risk that industries will relocate their production outside of the EU to countries or regions with more lenient carbon emission policies.

A logo and a name

Carbon Market Watch colleagues met on 11 December to brainstorm a name and a logo to accentuate our Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund supported carbon dioxide removals (CDR) campaign.

12 Days of ETSMas

Merry ETSmas!

The EU through its Emissions Trading System giftwraps free pollution permits to 30 grossly wealthy energy  production and heavy industry companies causing 25% of the bloc’s emissions.

Over the 12 days of ETSMas we counted down the EU’s luckiest polluters.