Assessing the robustness of carbon market grievance mechanisms

This study assesses the effectiveness of carbon market grievance mechanisms of leading voluntary carbon market standards. While most voluntary carbon market standards have grievance mechanisms in place, most of them are opaque and do not properly describe their procedures.

Blocked avenues for redress: Shedding light on carbon market grievance mechanisms

The standards bodies operating in the voluntary carbon market must ensure that climate projects take the rights and concerns of local and indigenous communities into account and offer them avenues for redress. A review conducted on behalf of Carbon Market Watch found that only one standard body, Gold Standard, provides appropriate recourse to file grievances …

Was COP27 the beginning of the end for corporate offsetting?

A new type of carbon credit created at the Sharm el-Sheikh climate conference provides an overdue alternative to the offset claim. This signals a path towards more honest climate accounting and fewer loopholes for potential greenwashing. The outcome on carbon markets at COP27 was generally poor. Negotiators failed to set basic oversight and transparency checks …

Lacklustre COP27 fails to bring clarity to carbon markets

The Sharm el-Sheikh climate conference’s final deal on Article 6 opens the door to secret carbon market deals between countries with little oversight. On a positive note, a new type of carbon credit could help spell the end of offsetting, but the agreement falls far short of what is needed.

November editorial: COP 27 – Make or break time for putting the brakes on the climate crisis

Under the shadow of the worsening climate crisis, COP27 kicks off early next week. We’ll be there to influence the conversations on global carbon markets as much as we can, guided by our vision of a socially just and decarbonised future. Two years into the make or break decade for the climate, COP27 is a …

Governments must slash emissions, not ambition

As Carbon Market Watch prepares to attend the COP27 climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, we urge the international community to commit to far more ambitious climate action. Negotiators must design effective and fair carbon markets under Article 6 that complement rather than replace rapid and massive emissions reductions. The COP27 climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh (6-18 November …

COP27 FAQ: Article 6 of the Paris Agreement explained

The rules governing carbon markets agreed at the COP26 in Glasgow need to be translated into functioning and effective mechanisms at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh. This handy Carbon Market Watch guide explains Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, how it works and main the issues at stake.