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WEBINAR REPORT: ”What are NAMAs and how can civil society organisations benefit from them?” – 8 July 2015

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Webinar Report
What are NAMAs and how can civil society organisations benefit from them?

8 July 2015

As a part of capacity building work on NAMAs, Carbon Market Watch organized a webinar on NAMAs and how civil society can contribute to and benefit from the process. The aim of the webinar was to build understanding among the civil society organisations (CSOs) on the functioning of NAMAs and the significance of public participation for accountability of NAMA actions.

The speakers included representatives of civil society and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), who are developing and implementing NAMAs on the ground. During the webinar two case studies were presented – from Mexican and Georgian NAMAs – which highlighted the opportunities for and challenges from civil society engagement on the ground.

The conclusions of the webinar were the following:

  • NAMAs are complex systems and require the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders to create a real impact

  • Engagement of civil society in every step of the NAMA process can draw out barriers to implementation and ensure co-benefits are properly assessed

  • Extensively planned multi-stakeholder framework can ensure that NAMA activity will be publicly accepted, sustainable, that it creates a spirit of ownership, increases collaboration and encourages the flow of information

  • CSOs can benefit from involvement in NAMA process because NAMAs can offer a tool to drive their missions, civil society are also major recipients of resulting co-benefits

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