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Submission to call for input: CDM Executive Board 65th Meeting Agenda

CDM Watch submission to the CDM EB 65th annotated agenda meeting with regard to the Meth Panel’s reports on 1) methodology NM0355 N2O from adipic acid production, 2) methodology ACM0013 for coal projects in the CDM, 3) Methodology AM0001 on HFC23 , 4) Request for registration of a coal project, 5) Request for Renewal of HFC-23 Ulsan project, 6) CDM validation and verification standards (VVS), 7) Draft work programme on standardised baselines, 8) Guidelines for the demonstration of additionality of microscale project activities, 9) consideration of sustainable development co-benefits report and 10) consideration to discuss the assessment of additionality of large-scale projects.

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