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See No Evil – Public Action: Human Rights in Carbon Markets

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The day before the action 14.11.13, with the help of many coordination emails we met together with some of the YOUNGOs group to discuss our initial plans.  From this constructive huddle became the loose framework of the Action (below).  Later that evening  we visited the Convergence Space, a creative climate commons room not far from the conference centre,  where we were warmly welcomed by artists and climate campaigners.  Regrouping with others we discussed our plans and prepared the campaign materials for the next day…

15.11.13 To give pretext to our Human Rights side event later  that day, Carbon Market Watch along with the YOUNGOs group carried out a public action outside the main plenary of the UNFCCC negotiations, to throw light on the protection of rights of communities affected by carbon offsetting projects in developing and emerging countries. While demonstrating that local people are often forcibly silenced from various project types, See No Evil draws attention to the lack of safeguards and redress options present in current mechanisms today, such as the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Action Day:

  • 08:59 delayed at the scanners getting our props inside the conference building,
  • 09:04 a considerate secretariat security official saw our situation and helped our materials though,
  • 09:20 after finalising material and costume preparation we went to the meeting point,
  • 09:30 everyone converged at the action site next to Plenary 1
  • 09:35 context of the action was rolled out to our volunteers
  • 09:40 take one: (see pictures)
  • 09:49 take two: see no evil – Human Rights Action



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