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Recommendations to the CMP8 on Joint Implementation

This paper provides recommendations for CMP decisions for adoption at CMP8 and outlines key issues pertaining the JI. The recommendations refer to the note by the UNFCCC secretariat “Revised set of key attributes and transitional measures and draft revised joint implementation guidelines” (FCCC/KP/CMP/2012/5) on Item 8(b) of the provisional agenda Issues relating to joint implementation. Carbon Market Watch urges Parties to address the following JI related issues as a matter of priority:

  1. Host Party Eligibility Must Depend on Ambitious QELRO
  2. Require Review Procedure at Validation and Registration Stage
  3. Strengthen criteria and review Procedures for Baseline Setting
  4. Strengthen additionality requirements
  5. Implement procedures to renew crediting period
  6. Improve Public Input on Projects

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