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Unsolicited Letter: Publishing of Methodology Panel Report on HFC-23 Issues (AM0001)

At the 58th CDM Executive Board meeting, the Board considered the outcome of the work undertaken by the Meth Panel on HCFC22 production and HFC-23 generation as related to methodology AM0001 and requested the Meth Panel to revise the methodology. The Board also requested the Meth Panel to consider the extent of revision of the methodology AM0001 based on the shortcomings identified in their analysis, and report to the Board at its sixty-first meeting.

Moreover, the 58th EB meeting report states in paragraph 28 that the Board requested the Secretariat to make this report available on the UNFCCC CDM website by 10 December 2010, without the data and information, supplied by the external sources, that are confidential in nature.

Given the importance of the findings contained in the report and its relevance to international policy makers, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that it has not yet been published by the Secretariat. We would therefore urge you to ensure that the report be made available as soon as possible.

Request on 11 January 2011: download pdf

Response on 11 July 2011: download pdf

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