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OPEN LETTER [to EDF Trading] regarding the involvement of EDF Trading in the CDM project 2716 “Grid connected energy efficient power generation”

16 October 2013

Dear Mr Joubert,

The undersigned organisations are writing to you regarding the involvement of EDF Trading in the CDM project 2716: “Grid connected energy efficient power generation”. According to the UNFCCC CDM website and the Letter of Approval and Letter of Authorization issued by the French Ministry in June 2011, EDF Trading is listed as the beneficiary of the credits generated by the project.

On 13 August 2013, the following clarifying statement was issued in Enerpresse on page 3: “Suite à l’éditorial du n°10882 intitulé « Carbone : EDF ne manque pas de crédits en Inde », EDF a envoyé à Enerpresse un rectificatif que nous reproduisons ici. ‘ « EDF Trading n’est plus associé contractuellement et dans le cadre des MDP, à ce projet de centrale charbon supercritique en Inde et n’a jamais acheté de crédits carbone provenant de ce projet » indique le groupe.

While we very much welcome this statement, there is no information about the decision of EDF Trading to distance itself available at the website of EDF Trading.

We would like to take the opportunity to point out that the situation of the Mundra project in India is very concerning. On 27 September, 25 Indian NGOs have sent a letter to the Indian National CDM Authority demanding to withdraw the letter of approval for Adani Power’s registered CDM project “Grid connected energy efficient power generation”. This demand is based on the Ministry of Environment and Forest’s ( MoEF) own report that finds non-compliance with national legislation and evidence that the project is not meeting the criteria of sustainable development set up by National CDM Authority. For more information about this letter please see here:

In case you are no longer involved in the project, we kindly ask you to make a public statement available on your website, providing transparency about this decision including information about when this decision was made, based on which reasoning and how the involvement was ended.

Given the problems faced by the local communities on the ground and the fact that already more than 600.000 offset credits were issued to the project, there is a public interest in knowing whether you have sold the contract to another entity that might have purchased the carbon offsets, in case it was not EDF Trading.

We look forward to your response.


Yours sincerely,

  1. Morgane Creach, Réseau Action Climat – France I Climate Action Network – France
  2. Hélène Connor, HELIO International, France
  3. Wendel Trio, Climate Action Network Europe, Belgium
  4. Genon Jensen, Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL), Belgium
  5. Eva Filzmoser, Carbon Market Watch, Belgium
  6. Christopher Brandt, The Climate Concept Foundation, Germany
  7. Sean Kidney, The Climate Bonds Initiative, United Kingdom
  8. Dr. Hazel Henderson, Ethical Markets Media, USA and Brazil
  9. Visar Azemi, Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development, Kosovo
  10. Samir Mehta, International Rivers, India
  11. Dr Leena Gupta, Society for Promotion of Wasteland Development, New Delhi
  12. Mahesh Pandya, ParyavaranMitra, Ahmedabad
  13. Alka Palrecha, Ahmedabad
  14. Himanshu Banker, Vikalp, Ahmedabad
  15. Viren Lobo, ICAN, India
  16. Myron Mendes, Laya, Vishakapatnam
  17. Bikash Rath, Regional Centre for Development Cooperation, Orissa
  18. Persis Ginwalla, Ahmedabad
  19. Herry Ranva, Bahujan Samajik trust, Rajkot
  20. Dipal Dabhi, Adivasi Sarvangi Vikas Sangh, Danta, Gujarat
  21. Nirmal Parmar, Charitable Pragati Prayas Kendra, Godhra, Gujarat
  22. Chetan Vyas, Paryavaran Gauchar Bachao Samiti, Rajula (Amerli), Gujarat
  23. Tushar Pancholi, Paryavaraniya Vikas Kendra, Rajkot
  24. Naran B. Gadhavi, Kheti Vikas Seva Trust, Mundra
  25. Gautam Thakar, PUCL, Ahmedabad
  26. Arvind Padhiyar,Mahisagar Shakti Sangathan, Padra
  27. Falguni Joshi, Gujarat Forum on CDM, Ahmedabad
  28. Kiran Shaheen, Convener, Right to water campaign, India
  29. Mahesh Parmar, Gujarat Social Watch, Ahmedabad

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