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Open letter: A bold and transformative Social Climate Fund is needed, now more than ever

Europe is in the grip of energy price and energy security crises. Households are facing soaring energy bills and fear the coming winter, or simply cannot afford fuel to heat their homes. At the same time, Europe faces a climate emergency. All of these crises are fossil fuel crises.

Yet the blame for high energy prices is falsely laid at the door of the policies that can help end them. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, various actors have called to suspend climate action, considering these policies costly. But climate policy goes hand in hand with energy security and affordability. By investing in clean, cheap and sovereign renewable energy sources, as well as boosting energy savings, we can address all three crises at once.

In this joint letter, Carbon Market Watch and other organisations from the green movement,  trade unions and renewable energy producers urge the EU to establish a bold and transformative Social Climate Fund.


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