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Letter to Sacremento Chair: Support bill SB 605 and Global Warming Solutions

An important new bill, the SB605,  is moving through the Sacramento legislature, and to support it many organizations signed a letter sent to the Chair of the Sacramento’s Natural Resources Committee. Under AB32, California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, greenhouse gas polluters are currently allowed to comply with cap-and-trade limits in part by purchasing “emission offsets.”  This has allowed Shell Oil, for example, to purchase offsets from timber plantations in Michigan, rather than reduce the impacts of its California refineries. It also opens the door for international REDD/forest offsets, which you have helped fight. The new bill, SB 605 would allow offsets, but will limit their use to those offsets originating and achieved within the state, in order to fulfill AB 32’s promise of reducing California’s GHG emissions, rather than outsourcing that job to other states and other countries.

As such, Carbon Market Watch, along with many others, signed this letter to support making important improvements to the implementation of California’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32, Nuñez/Pavley).

To view the the letter & supporter list visit the links below:
SB605 Support Letter with Sign-ons (as of 8/1/13)
SB605 Supporter List

Since then, SB 605 (Lara) passed the Assembly Natural Resources Committee on Monday August 12! There were over 40 supporters who spoke in favor of the bill.
Stay tuned for the next vote with the Appropriations Committee. Go go SB 605!


Letter to Sacremento Chair: Support bill SB 605 and Global Warming Solutions

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