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Joint Letter in support of the ENVI report on the MRV revision

Dear Member of the European Parliament,

During the September plenary, you will vote on the revision of the Regulation on monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of shipping emissions. This could be the first-ever EU regulation that requires ships to reduce their emissions and to start paying for their carbon emissions. Climate pollution from the shipping sector has grown 10% over just the last six years. If no real action is taken, this trend will continue and emissions could increase by 50% by 2050 according to official estimates. You have a unique opportunity to stop this undermining Paris Agreement’s temperature goals and efforts undertaken by other sectors and to positively impact air quality and public health. In short, the revision is about:

  1. Increasing the transparency of the EU’s monitoring system for shipping emissions,
  2. Applying the “polluter pays” principle to shipping by expanding the EU ETS to include shipping as called for by the European Green Deal,
  3. Introducing a linear -40% 2030 GHG efficiency target for shipping companies,
  4. Ensuring ships stop emitting harmful air pollutants and GHG when docked in ports by 2030.

As representatives of the civil society organisations mentioned below, we are writing on behalf of our millions of members and supporters across the EU to urge you to vote in favour of this groundbreaking legislation for the following reasons:

  • Today shipping is the only sector not subject to emission reduction targets or measures in the EU. This is despite EU related CO2 emissions from maritime transport being comparable to the emissions of Belgium and representing 13% of total EU transport emissions.
  • The sector’s methane emissions increased by 150% in the last six years due to increased deployment of liquified natural gas (LNG) ships.

The ongoing revision of the MRV creates a strong momentum to regulate EU maritime climate pollutants to contribute to the Union’s climate goals. The ENVI report is a balanced, fair and environmentally ambitious proposal. We therefore strongly advise you to seize this momentum by supporting the proposed goal-based reduction targets for maritime emissions and by including maritime emissions into the EU’s emissions trading system. This will give the EU the opportunity to deploy as a priority renewable green hydrogen in maritime transport, which doesn’t have many other sustainable alternatives.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.

Yours sincerely,


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